Excess Wall

All for fun

For this piece commissioned by the Museum of Applied Arts of Vienna, Rampelotto worked on a massive canvas : a cardboard installation of Austrian artist Peter Sandbichler.
Evoking a splash of confetti, a colony of golden creatures, the debris of an exploded star, a splendid firework frozen in time, this „Excess Wall“ stands for the exhilarating power of fun and the subversive freedom that lies in every celebration.
The piece was realised for the exhibition „THE FEST“ that displayed gems of the permanent collections along with the most exciting figures of the Austrian art scene of today.


Excess Wall

Wall installation at the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna

In collaboration with Peter Sandbichler

In every celebration, the sacral meets the casual — may it be in religious or in private settings, a party is always a ritual that paces everyday life. In this work of Rampelotto, one can recognize the golden splendor of the chalice, as well as the funny shininess of sequin. After all, the carneval is a place where the noble and the poor, the highest and the lowest, humour and decorum intertwine.
Guest Curator: Brigitte Felderer
Co-Curator: Olga Wukounig
Exhibition Design by Peter Sandbichler
MAK Curator: Anne-Katrin Rossberg,
Photo © Markus Krottendorfer