Born in Italy in 1978, Rampelotto graduated at the Vienna University of Applied Arts under the supervision of Borek Sipek and Ross Lovegrove. After working for Eoos in Vienna, he launched his own studio “Ideas of Patrick Rampelotto” in 2009 and the collective gallery “Spazio Pulpo” in 2016. In 2022 he founded PolyOkay, a company introducing sustainable construction products made out of recycled plastic.

He works mostly with remnants of culture — discarded mass products, prototypes never produced, archived luxury objects, machines without a use, famous quotes or patterns. No matter if working for a design company or for an art institution, Rampelotto uses vestiges of tradition that are taken out of context and abstracted. Through a subtle reinvention of industrial and handcraft techniques, he creates poetic objects that blend archaic and futuristic aesthetics.






Brutiful - Edition Rauminhalt published by Verlag Hollinek