True Magic

A commission from Backhausen, inspired by the design of Koloman Moser’s „Orakelblume“ (Oracle Flower, 1901), Oracle is a hypnotizing assemblage of sparkling circles, both luminescent and intriguing, since the shimmering textile changes color depending on the angle you look at it. Rampelotto based his pattern on a trophy cup, rather than on a flower chalice. In so doing, he remains true to Moser’s innovative spirit, his refined use of ornament and the boldness of the Jugendstil imagination. Photos © Backhausen

Orakelblume (Oracle Flower)

by Koloman Moser

for Backhausen

Counting on the strong know-how and the high quality of Backhausen, Oracle is a multidimensional fabric. It can be used for upholstery or tapestry.